Center of the world, Giclée Print. 660mm x 660mm


Limited edition of 10 archival prints. Printed on 310gsm cotton rag.

The separation of sacred and profane polarities occurred in the west when the early church fathers claimed power and abolished goddess worship and other nature based religions. “Centre of the world” was primarily inspired by the goddess Hestia in the Greek or Vesta in the Roman Parthenon. The Vestals were disbanded in AD 391 ending the last official ancient pagan tradition spanning back to neolithic times of female mediation between humanity and God.

All assets created originally and rendered from 3d.
Cover artwork as used for the EP Magical Thinking by Mavis Vermaak

A percentage of every sale from this work go toward – Sisters Incorporated aims to help every woman, teenager and child in crisis heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Wooden box frame with glass sealed and fitted with double hanging hooks. Custom color, museum glass and rare wood natural options available for the discerning collector/decorator, please enquire for a quote on the contact page.

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