Burnt yet unconsumed III, Charcoal Drawing. 1000 mm x 700 mm


Burnt Yet Unconsumed III

You grow where no one cares to look.

Tending your clones in mysterious places.

We look toward fruit baring trees as symbols of resilience and wonder about consciousness.

No rush while you rise from the ashes – Never know when you are in the presence of God, maybe it’s like missing a shooting star.

Drawn from Acacia Salignas (Port Jacksons/Golden Wattles at Blikkies Dorp Cape Town South Africa a township on the outskirts, where these forgotten trees roam wild as an invasive species. Reference is drawn between the acacia that is germinated by fire and the burning bush myth, to question the human bias towards what we see as valuable, sacred and profane.

Making of timelapse

WIP detail

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Wooden box frame with window mount, glass sealed and fitted with double hanging hooks. Edge to edge mounting without mount board available. Custom color, museum glass and rare wood natural options available for the discerning collector/decorator, please enquire for a quote on the contact page.

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